Nuno is a fashion photographer and creative director.
Mainly, the last 20 years Nuno Veloso dedicated to Fashion and Advertising Photography. A Master Degree in Communications and Media Studies lead him to be a visiting professor in Universities in Portugal and China.

In London, he worked in fashion for campaigns, advertorials, covers and editorials for International Magazines, such as I.D, Tatler, Essential, Prestige in others. He was a brand consultant for companies such as Alfred Dunhill.
London allowed him to manage a few professional studios, including the biggest E-commerce platforms in the U.K owned by News International.

In 2010 in Nuno Veloso change London for Hong Kong where collaborations with clients such Hermes and Cartier took him to be the Lead Photographer and Art Director of Sands China Limited. Due to his personality and natural proactive attitude and leadership made him the Authority of Photography.

Nuno’s entrepreneur spirit Awarded him with the Excellence Young Entrepreneur in 2016. His Creative & Executive professional experiences merged beautifully on his own Visual Communications & Production house, Core Productions Limited. Nuno continues shooting advertising campaigns for brands and celebrities such as David Beckham, Bruno Mars, Paris Hilton, Jet Li, Alici Keys…


在過去的作品當中,他除了替各⼤大國際著名雜誌拍攝封面和時尚專題,以及頂級國際品牌如愛瑪仕(Hermes)和卡地亞(Cartier) 拍攝 商業平面廣告外,費羅素還曾為登喜路(Alfred Dunhill)和澳門康 萊德酒店(Conrad Hotels)提供專業的品牌顧問服務。他更曾經為 眾多國際星級名⼈人拍攝照⽚片,如David Beckham︑Alicia Keys︑ Jet Li、Bruno Mars、Paris Hilton等︒

Nuno Veloso dedica-se há 20 anos à Fotografia de Moda. Além das capas e editoriais de moda para revistas de todo o mundo e campanhas publicitarias para clientes como Hermes e Cartier, Nuno Veloso foi consultor de imagem para as empresas Alfred Dunhill ou Conrad Hotels. Em 2010 deixou Londres por Hong Kong onde teve a oportunidade de fotografar algumas das maiores celebridades do planeta como, David Beckham, Alicia Keys, Jet Li, Boy George, Bruno Mars…

Em 2016 foi galarduado com o premio de Excellence Young Entrepreneur.